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Who wants a dope resource for August?

Introducing TRESS, The Satin Lined Hats That Nourish Your Crown!

So, this shout out is for the coiffure minded human. Do you like camera ready hair at all times? Me too! Do you find that most hats squash your hair brilliance? Me too! If you're looking for a solution let me introduce you to TRESS hats made by actress and model and friend of The SAS, Laticia Rolle! She sells SATIN LINED baseball CAPS & BEANIES in multiple colors & there's even a mesh baseball cap for the sweatin' workout qweens among us! I own...a lot of these hats & would love to share one with you - FOR THE FREE! So - the first person to share this newsletter with a friend & get them to subscribe is gettin' a FREE hat! CC us when you forward our email & after we see them sign up for The SAS Shoutout Newsletter - the hat of your choice will be shipped to you!

Did a fabulous artist friend forward the SAS Shoutout newsletter to you? Do you want one for yourself every month? Well hit that subscribe link below so we can share all we know with you!

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