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Who wants a dope resource for July?


Unglamorous Truths w/The Downtown Girls is a new podcast that I want to share with ya'll. It's a dream for any artist to listen to. And it's FREE! They offer real life experience from their careers in acting, writing & producing. They are fifteen episodes in this year and I have learned something from every listen. Chandra Russell, Crystal Boyd and Emebeit Beyene are hilarious and honest af. Their vulnerability combined with their comedic timing as a trio makes me feel like I'm hanging out with industry friends in the best way possible, I laugh, I cry, I hear stories and learn from them. Also their budget friendly tip offered at the end of every episode - called BOOTLEG FABULOUS - is HELPFUL af. Check out their podcast if you're looking for a real talk about Hollywood by three best friends making it work every day.

The Unglamorous Truths Bio

What do you get when you mix a spicy bitch, the deep voiced God and baby Marie Kondo? The f*****g Truth. And a very good kiki with the girlies. Get ready for UNGLAMOROUS TRUTHS with THE DOWNTOWN GIRLS, a podcast about making it come hell or high water. Subscribe now! Find them on youtube and wherever you listen to podcasts.

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