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Who wants a dope resource for September?

Do you have an audition cheerleader?

What is an audition cheerleader you ask? It's someone who you feel is your number one fan & is often available via, text, phone, facetime, email...postcard even! So for me that person is mostly, my mom. She's an awesome audition cheerleader. I don't even think she knows she is but she can be counted on in two ways- 1) When I tell her I have an audition for anything - be it a commercial or a lead role in giant password protected/nda signed franchise - she is EXCITED - to hear about it. 2) After the audition day/time has passed she is willing to celebrate how well the audition went or commiserate if it was a complete and total bomb. Now I know we are in the middle of TWO strikes - so some of us are like...Chivonne...what auditions do I need a cheerleader for? But I think now is a great time to look at your circle and recognize that person! Call and tell 'em thank you, take 'em for a coffee and enjoy that you have a very special safe space personified in your life. Now, if you don't have a cheerleader - why not? Is there someone in your world who you can share your highs & lows with? Can you facetime 'em or meet up with them for a picket date even while you're not actively auditioning? I think this is a major life hack for finding joy in the ups and downs of being a professional actor. I wish you all the breaking of the legs on all of your future auditions. And tell your audition cheerleader I said hey girl hey! hey them hey! hey boy hey! You're a true gift to all of us actors out here.

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